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I am going to end how I started off with some videos that market the City. This one is Sydney Tourism it long but I think its good. Sydney reminds me of a bigger and better Auckland and I think this ad emphasises my feelings.

Say What - Europe has a shared branding vision!!!

Most uni students want to visit Eurpoe on their OE because of the history, art, culture. But surely history, art and culture extends beyond Europe. Perhaps we have this vision because Europe is marketed so well? I found a report today which shows that Europe is taking an integrated and co-ordinated approach to branding Europe. The report is developed by EuroCities which is a network of European cities working together for the promotion of the cities.

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We all now of Salem the cat from Sabrina the teenage witch but Salem is actually a place in Massachusetts USA. The area is most well-known for the location of the famous witch trials of 1692 but also has a richseaport history. Destination Salem has recently launched a new tag line to refresh the city’s identity in a way that taps into its history and current appeal as a seaport. The logo cleverly presents a pointed witch’s hat and sailboat in the same design. The tagline, “Still Making History” is aimed at moving the city’s identity beyond the infamous witch trials.

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FACEBOOK SURVEY - results so far

So far 50 people have answered the facebook question I proposed, WHICH CITY HAS THE BEST BRANDING SLOGAN.

Currently in the lead is

New York ‘The City that Never Sleeps’ 17 votes

Las Vagas ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ 13 VOTES


Some new slogans have been added

Palmerston North - Just Kill Yourself!

Timaru - Feel, Touch Taste

Hamilton - NZ City of the Future

Two of these are jokes im sure.


This is a perfect example for my blog of a current New Zealand city branding example. Wellington airport has funded the construction on the giant ‘wellywood’ slogan on a hillside visible from wellington airport. The slogan is a rip-off of the iconic Hollywood sign. Many locals have been opposed to the construction of the sign. The decision for the sign is to represent Wellington,s film, media and animation industries. Wellington is not the first city to reconstruct the ‘hollywood’ sign.

Local opposition

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